惊恐发作和惊恐障碍Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder (中英对照)

惊恐发作和惊恐障碍Panic Attacks and Panic Disorder (中英对照)


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- 心跳急促或心跳不规律

- 出汗

- 呼吸困难

- 颤抖或抖动

- 胸痛或不适

- 窒息感

- 眩晕、不稳、或头重脚轻感

- 恶心或胃部不适

- 感觉和自我或现实分离

- 感觉热或冷








- 心理治疗

- 放松练习

- 药物治疗












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What is Panic Disorder?

Panic Disorder is a type of Anxiety Disorder. People with Panic Disorder have “panic attacks”. During these attacks people have strong physical feelings and may think they are having a heart attack or may feel like they are losing control or “going crazy”.


Panic attacks can happen at any time. An attack usually lasts for a few minutes. Some symptoms may last longer. People who have Panic Disorder often worry about when the next panic attack will happen. They may avoid places where they think they will have a panic attack. Sometimes the worry is so strong they are afraid to leave their home. Not all people who have panic attacks develop Panic Disorder. People with Panic Disorder often also have depression or drug and alcohol problems.


What causes Panic Attacks?

There are no clear reasons why a panic attack happens. Family history, brain chemistry and stressful life circumstances can play a big part.


Signs and Symptoms?

• Racing or uneven heart rate

• Sweating

• Feeling short of breath

• Shaking or trembling

• Chest pain or discomfort

• Feeling like you are choking

• Feeling dizzy, unsteady or

light headed

• Nausea or feeling sick to your


• Feeling detached from yourself or


• Feeling hot or cold


If you have any of these symptoms, you should look for professional help.

Patient Education

What are the treatments?

Panic Disorders respond very well to treatment.There are many types of treatments that can be used:


• Psychotherapy

• Relaxation skills

• Medication


Treatment of severe panic disorder may need the combination of psychotherapy and medication. Some people canrecover fully with treatment. Others need long-term therapy to feel better and preventthe return of symptoms.



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