并发性障碍 Concurrent Disorders

并发性障碍  Concurrent Disorders








·         有些人会有轻度的焦虑症状以及偶尔的大量酗酒 (



What is Concurrent Disorders?


Concurrent Disorders means having two or more disorders, with at least one being a mental health disorder and the other a substance use disorder.


The type of Concurrent Disorders and how serious the problems can vary greatly.



Here are just a few of the possible combinations of mental health and substance use disorders that can be called Concurrent Disorders.


·         Someone having mild symptoms of anxiety with sometimes heavy use of alcohol (“binge drinking”).

·         Someone having more serious symptoms of anxiety and drinking alcohol and overusing prescription medications everyday.

·         Someone having symptoms of depression and using regular cannabis and occasional cocaine.

·         Someone who has a history of trauma and has the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) with heavy use of alcohol and crack cocaine.

·         Someone having the symptoms of a psychotic disorder, such as schizophrenia, and using alcohol and cannabis.


Treatment options to concurrent disorders:

·         Psychotherapy/counseling

·         See your doctor for medical treatment options

·         Attend AA (Alcohol Anonymous) or other rehabilitation programs




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